Our operations cover tours to the Omo Valley in South-West Ethiopia, Lake Turkana region of Southern Ethiopia/Northern Kenya, Harar and its surroundings to Eastern Ethiopia, 'the Historic Route' to the North, Gambella and its surroundings to the West and the Danakil Depression of the Afar volcanic region up North-East.
Each of our tour programs are tailor-made for specific requests, each depending on specific interests/preferences of our clients, tour departure dates and available number of days. We believe we can design tours that will incorporate your interests to the maximum, eventually making your trip with us a pleasant and memorable one.
Depending on the interests of our customers, we can set up tour programs on a full-board package basis (all inclusive) or vehicle rentals with experienced drivers and guides.
Our main goal is to possibly enlighten our customers with less touristic locations, but yet ones that describe Ethiopia best.


History and Ancient Civilization

The Historic route of Northern Ethiopia and Harar and its surroundings to Eastern Ethiopia best describe the ancient place Ethiopia has in world history. With monuments, obelisks, palaces, rock-hewn churches and a walled-city to prove this, you would wander off into ancient civilization, amazing yourself at what used to exist back then!


Nature, Scenery & Wildlife

The Simen Mountains, Bale Mountains and the Yabello route are just a few from the various locations that would take your breath away, the greenness in combination with birdlife/wildlife and high altitude cool atmosphere. The Rift Valley line is an addition to this, the perfect choice for bird-watchers.



Various locations - the Omo Valley of SouthWest Ethiopia, Harar of Eastern Ethiopia and Gambella of Western Ethiopia are a few examples that would expose you to such diverse culture that has its own uniqueness, details of every kind that differentiate one from the other.

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