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BUSKA TOURS is a team of highly ethical and skilled staff with long list of satisfied customers specializing in the tourism industry.

The team works hard to provide original touring experience with a flexible schedule that caters to your need.

As a basic principle, we believe there is always room for improvement in all that we do. With that as a base, we are detail-oriented and service-minded as well, going the extra mile to make our customers’ stay with us a convenient, enjoyable and last but not least a memorable one!.

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Thank you very much, we had a safe trip home and still have very nice memories of Ethiopia. We enjoyed the holidays a lot. The trip was very well organized and you have chosen excellent guides for us, they took care very well. Also the driver to the East of Ethiopia was very good and helpful. Best regards,
Sandra & Anja
It feels good to be back home but I already miss Ethiopia ... Thanks again for everything ; thanks to you, we discovered a beautiful country with beautiful, interesting, proud and funny people. We had a really really good time with you (and I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it !). We certainly will never forget the listening of german Modern Talking on the roads of the lower Omo valley, the Hamer, the runners of Assella, the tedj and all theses wonderful landscapes and people. As far as I'm concerned, I can say that this was one of my best trips of all time ! I hope everything will be ok for you so that you'll be able to keep doing this job that you do so well ! Thanks again, take care and we keep in touch !
I hope you are fine and all around you too Now we have returned to our life at Reunion Island with work office, internet family and sea and sun. I hope you are lucky in your work and maybe you are on the road. For us it was a great adventure and I've attached some pictures with this mail and the next if you receive them without trouble. So long and see you another time
Daniel and Daniele

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