The Danakil Depression is one of the remotest and lowest places in the world. It is a unique land formation within the Great Rift Valley system. Until today, this part of the earth is unstable pulling each other to the opposite side.


Available tours starting from 4 up to 6 days starting from Mekelle and 9 up to 10 days starting from Addis Ababa.

Erta Alle is particularly a unique Lave Crater Lake that erupts all the time. Erta Alle is the best place to study geology particularly the volcanic eruption, besides it has a great adventurous value.

Erta Alle means Smoking Mountain according to the local Afar Language. Normally, the caravan is taking of late afternoon and will travel the whole night with some stops. Along the route, while walking at night, one can admire the reflection of the volcanic lave that frequently erupts from the Crater Lake situated on the hill 613 meters high. Without over exaggeration the journey, walking on strange but amusing extensive dry lava feels like walking on the moon.

Dalol is, 100 km from North West of Erta Alle, the lowest part of Danakil Depression, 116 meters below sea level. It is an extremely hottest (with average temperature of 30-50 degree centigrade) and inhospitable but enjoyable place. It is an extraordinary colorful landscape for real adventures. Another wonderful event is the salt extraction from the nearby lake Asale. The local people supply salt to the Tigray dwellers. The only means of transportation in Camels.It is an unforgettable experience to see the hundreds of camels’ passing by.

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